Baby Blue Eyes

leanne's blog

“It’s a boy!” Pause…..what will I do with a boy? Another pause…Thank you. Hanging up…silent drive home. Mum and Dad waiting expectantly.

“Well…you’re going to have your first Grandson….it’s a boy!”

Mums face widens into a smile.

The idea grows on me and soon everything I buy is baby blue or pale yellow. Ducks, penguins and soldiers march across tiny white singlets, waiting for his arrival. I know his name, predicted weight, date of birth—just don’t know who he might marry.

Relaxed and happy delivery. Baby blue lies across my chest. Handsome. He arrived looking like a six month old. Unwrinkled, face serene. Beautiful. The talk of the hospital. 5.3 kilos – my boy has caused a stir. People are drawn from all levels of the hospital. Faces at the door, “I believe you have a beautiful baby boy in here – can I see him?” The nursery staff tell me there are twin boys in the nursery also. They say my baby boy could eat them both for breakfast.

When I leave hospital, the foyer doors slide silently open and a sudden mini whirlwind swirls around us. The hot wind makes baby blue wrinkle up his face as the forces of nature signal his arrival.

A clairvoyant told me, “People will come and listen to him and walk away saying…Wow”. In numerology his date of birth means the ‘Day of Heroic Endeavour”. He forges his way through the supermarket in his stroller. Eighteen months old—arm outstretched…the Conqueror. People are drawn to him. They say he is going to be someone one day. A professor from Beijing University told me, “That boy will be someone special one day”. Everywhere he goes, the sentiment follows him.

My Baby Blue eyes—wise beyond his years. He knows things. He tells me them before they happen. He closes his eyes and tells me a whale is being killed. I read in the paper the next day—Japanese are hunting whales in the Southern Ocean.

He plays the piano for his Nanna. He knows what she likes to hear…

”I remember that one …I used to sing that when I was a little girl”, she says every time.

“Oh really Nanna?” his five year old face feigning surprise.

He nestles in to her lap and she sings,

“You are my sunshine , my only sunshine.

You make me happy when skies are grey,

You’ll never know dear how much I love you,

Please don’t take my sunshine away…..”

He leads her to bed when she’s forgotten where to go.

“Do you want to watch ‘Gone with the Wind’ Nanna?”

“Ooooh…I’d love that!” she says as they snuggle down under the doona to watch TV.

He looks up into her face and says,  “Nanna….you have blue eyes just like me!”.

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