Half Light -Weekly photo challenge

Half Light -Weekly photo challenge

 This weeks photo challenge is ‘Half Light’. People living with Dementia live in a half lit world. One day when visiting my mother in her nursing home, I witnessed another patient sitting near Mum, desperately wanting to connect to my six year old daughter. My daughter was fluttering about and this lovely lady kept smiling at her and patting on the empty lounge seat, beckoning my daughter to sit beside her.Watching my daughter made her face light up with joy…her body sat more upright…her whole disposition changed. Unfortunately,  she had  lost control of her words and could only make sounds which confused my daughter and made her feel reluctant to go too close. The image has stayed with me, as have many other poignant moments I observed in the twilight hours of the nursing home. This is my poem about the half light of dementia…

ethereal butterfly child

She watches the child

fluttering about

vibrant life and colour

butterfly amidst the grey

Darting close, then off again

Butterfly draws near

Satin skin and silky hair 

 Portal to the past.

She straightens and she smiles 

trying to find the words…

then gestures with her hands

patting on the seat 

the empty space beside her

patting on the seat..

Can you hear me, can you see me?

Sit a while here…

Watching the child, expectant

Connecting to a time

of warm skinned cuddling children

holding hands, tugging skirts

Swinging legs and ankle socks

pretty bows, reading books…

with children leaning in.

She watches the child

who tries not to see

the lady with the funny words

and the patting on the seat

Afraid to meet 

her searching eyes

asking for company

with her patting hands

beside her on the seat.

As she watches and she watches

confusion settles in

and she moves her

hands together

to her lap of sole despair

wringing hands 

and soundless lips

as butterfly and memories

flicker back to grey.




3 thoughts on “Half Light -Weekly photo challenge

  1. Reblogged this on Hope and commented:

    This weeks photo challenge was ‘HALF LIGHT’. People living with dementia are living in a kind of half light. This is my take on the challenge.

    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement. I’m not a photographer. ..I wish I had studied it but my older sister put me off saying it would be too technical! I saw so many images I would have loved to capture in the nursing home..the images are captured in my mind, I might need an artist to recreate them. I’m going to take a peek at your blog now!

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