Small things amuse small minds…


Small things amuse small minds…..especially if you’re on holidays. Insignificant things can prove to be highly entertaining. So we discovered today when the kids and I stumbled across a two litre milk carton on our evening walk. It must have fallen out of someones shopping trolley and been left to bake in the hot sun. By the time we found it, the carton had puffed itself up in indignation. People had probably been side stepping around its bloating carcass all day.The kids thought it would be hilarious to plant it on the road, right where a car would run over it. My inner child was full of curiousity, wondering what might  happen to the curdled milk if a car did squash it.

Setting a fine example for my children, we strategically planted the ‘milk bomb’ on the quiet road and waited…and waited. It became apparent that everyone but us must be away on holidays. No cars came up our side of the road. We decided to move the carton to the other side since we’d already seen three cars pass on that side. 

We estimated the potential for us to get splattered in sour milk so we took up safety positions beside our parked car. Each time a car approached we pretended to be casually opening our car door, all the time giggling nervously at the impending explosion. As Murphys Law would have it, no cars drove down the side of the road our fat little carton was lying on. Instead, a steady stream of cars drove up the now vacant side. We snuck across to align the carton more scientifically and scurried like the three stooges back to our staged position.

Finally, one car went by…..we waited ……breath paused as I furtively fiddled with the car lock, pretending to open the door………vroooooom……nothing.

“Still one lonely milk carton sitting on the road.”

Another car……and another…...vroooooom……vroooom.…..still nothing.

“Come on kids, if it was me I’d drive right over it just out of curiosity, but obviously  people don’t want sour milk splattered all over their clean cars”.

I moved the kids on as they complained bitterly that I was no fun.  I tried to explain we’d be there all night waiting for the much anticipated contact.

     We walked around the block, stopping off to buy cinema tickets to the opening of “Life of Pi”.  A quick stop off at the local pizza joint for a snack for the kids then on down the highway and back into the ‘milk bomb’ street.  As we approached, the kids ran ahead to see if anything had happened. And happened it had. A most glorious explosion of curdled milk had burst forth and sprayed as far as two metres across the other side of the road. We’d missed a truly spectacular event. Our suspicions had been right, if we hadn’t taken shelter behind our car, we would have been showered with the putrid contents.  As I said….small things amuse small bored holiday minds….. 

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