mother and daughter on bridge

I was too stunned the day she left, to remember all the things I did and said,

I was too busy the following week to want to understand,

The day we sang and said goodbye…my eyes went dry and stared

But late at night I cried…

Late at night I realised…

Late at night, as others slept

The memories of us old and young

Traveling on a train

Mum and I side by side

Lollies in my hand

Jolting me awake

Late at night  – when activity slows

Leaving room to fall through gaps

Staying up late with mundane jobs  that suddenly must be done

To bridge my path and stop me falling

Into that dark place…

Because climbing out would be too hard

Best to stay above … keep those bridges in good repair

Mending, hiding—busying…

Walking into tomorrow—day by day

Leaving the pain behind

Willing it to seep away

And leave me…

So night may come without it’s fear

And sleep can be welcomed once again –

But sleep will never be as sweet as once it was…

When you my darling…when you were here.


One thought on “Journey

  1. Very moving and deeply felt.
    Many will identify with this ,and share your grief,and remember their own-and feel lighter through sharing.
    Love the flowery “wallpaper”-a meadow for you and your Mum to rest in,peacefully, together.

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