Waiting and Wondering….


While Mum lies waiting…

 I am sitting…wondering….waiting…..


Thinking what’s next on the list of things  –

Material things, traditions…

Where to feed the people,

Who will come…. but stopped coming long ago..

Mum is lying waiting

I am sitting wondering….will she come to me?

I will never feel her hands again…but the memory will never fade –

When I placed her still hand upon my forehead ….

Willing her to mother me once more…once again…

Be my mother…stroke my forehead.

I  laid her hand back down, elegant in her peace…

Graceful as always…long fingers draped across each other..

So white, so beautiful  – long and peaceful

Like the waiting and the wondering.

I hope Mum is in a wonderland of  beauty…

Free from all earthly concern, 

Of how much and when,

And who to call?

Time ticks by on this earthly plane;

Yet time has stood still …and ticks no more,

In her glorious eternity…

where nothing ends and nothing starts…

And I sit waiting for her.

                                                                                                    26th February 2013


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