This Love is a train…

final image train
This love is a train…
threatening to derail.
It is a roller coaster 
moving too fast… 
toward a cataclysmic pile up.
I put this train in slow motion,
for years…
It slipped along the back woods, 
slow and menacing, 
safe at slow speed,
safe on flat ground…
and safe from pedestrians 
like me….
who have a penchant for walking
 in the path of
 huge, menacing 
sleek machines….
With their cold exterior, 
impenetrable sides, 
Snaking silently through 
the soft open heartland
of a simple soul ….
desiring only 
to be loved
and soothe this hardened beast 
into submission 
Where it can feel safe and non warlike
Release its seething, steamy energy,
Lie panting in the arms
of tenderness,
All systems wound down 
to beat in gentle unison…
Their rhythm, 
sighing over the world, 
This plundering beast,  
melting into the
luscious landscape…
The two are one, 
harmonious. ..
like ying and yang, 
Fire and ice, 
Earth and sky, 
I long to drown in your power
Subdue it for a time…
when you are mine 
and I am yours, 
And nothing can come between us… 
for a time….
Again and again, 
until my greed demands
We are never put

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