I might have smiled again…


I asked you for small advice,

I didn’t ask you to fix my life…

That would have happened anyway

Little by little the problems would have eased away,

The fears would have shrunk back into nothingness,

My world might have opened up,

To sunlight

To happiness

 And hope

and smiling…

I might have smiled again…

Wide across my solemn face,

And in my heart…

a softening

How nice it might have been.

I didn’t ask you to fix my life

It would have happened anyway

Instead you dismissed me

With burning cheeks I cut you off

Before the knife cut down too far

In case I might never recover from that mortal wound,

to my smiling heart…

It would have retracted and quivered

let out a long sigh of anguish and moaning

And bleeding all over

All over…

My heart is bleeding 

all over…

It is.

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