Welcome to my Blog

Here’s my new/old blog. My goal? To diarise the crazy events in my life and at the same time hopefully gather some followers. Followers of crazy. Well, not so crazy, but my life is often entertaining in it’s own little Seinfeld style way. Things happen at the supermarket, on the road, in the middle of the night. They can be really funny. So let’s go…here’s my  blog…

First of all, let’s introduce the characters in my play….my life…my insane asylum. Well…there’s me and my Dad and my two beautiful children ages eleven and thirteen. Of course to ‘protect’ their privacy, names have been changed. Let’s choose a name for my son……Jet! That’s what I wanted to call him once…before my sister suggested a ‘Jet’ might be more a Peirce Brosnan type…you know fast….efficient…slick. Perhaps she was suggesting that judging from my HUGE pregnant frame….no fast, efficient, slick child could possible emerge from such blubber. Well, she was right in one way…..Jet was born into this world weighing 5.3 kilos and looked like a six month old who’d just been away on holidays in Queensland and looked wiser beyond his thirty minutes so far on earth. In fact Jet attracted so much attention within the hospital, I had strangers knocking on my door to ask if they could see the ‘beautiful baby’. And beautiful he was. My sister was wrong on one count though. This big bouncing 5.3 kilo baby has a brain that processes and learns at the speed of…..at the speed of 1% of the world population. This baby is a genius. But enough about Jet.

Next, there’s Rhiannon. That’s the name my mother fought over. She decided that the baby I was carrying was likely to be a BIG baby also! Again, my even HUGER pregnant frame promised to produce a very large baby. The specialist looking at my ultrasound gasped and asked if I had gestational diabetes. No….I didn’t….I just produced big babies.

So this is why my Mum decided the baby name I had decided on could in fact be turned into the name APE and that would be no good for my potentially large baby if she were to be potentially bullied in the playground for being large with a name which could be used against her. I went along with Mum for a while but after my beautiful tall, slim Audrey Hepburn look alike arrived, I reverted back to first choice name…because she wasn’t hideously large, but rather elegant and peaceful. So for the sake of protecting her identity I’m going to call her Rhiannon…the name Mum tried desperately to make me choose.

So far we have my two kids, Jet and Rhiannan or Rhianna….we’ll see. Now there is my darling Dad whose name will just be ‘Dad’ or ‘Poppy’ depending on whose calling him.

My best friend is 97. She is a gem. She really is my best friend and you’ll soon know why because I phone her up for every little tiny thing that happens in our lives. Let’s call her My Mentor, because that’s exactly who she is….plus an amazing woman who doubles as a mother, grandmother and dearest, dearest friend. My Mentor…you’ll be amazed.

The other characters are my elderly Aunt and Uncle as well as my absent sister who doesn’t talk to me….or anyone else in the family. My older brother who lives in another state and an assorted array of client/friends who started out as clients but have become my friends and advisers ranging over subjects like cooking, my love life, advice on kids and many more subjects.

The next characters are….and not in any particular order…..one of these characters features prominently in my life. Well, his prominence comes in waves. One minute he might be all I ever talk about, the next minute, I have had to push him out of my mind, my life, my heart. At the moment he is prominent but for many years….sixteen to be exact, I had to push him away for reasons which I’m sure will come out…pouring out….like fish guts on a wharf. Whooshing away with a bucket of water…all bloody and raw and painful. Mixed up and swirling. Let’s call him Lover Boy.

There are plenty of other men who have been in my life, and the effects of their presence will show themselves over time on this blog. We have pets too. I won’t change their names, they won’t mind.

The one person I haven’t mentioned so far is someone who features heavily in my life. My Mum. I lost my darling Mum to Dementia in February 2013. I’m writing a book about Mum. It’s about loss but also about finding things. About finding out that in the middle of what seems like chaos, we can find beauty….simple, profound beauty. In that finding, we can find a richness that words cannot express.

That richness can be found everywhere and sometimes we can be lucky to stumble upon it, be caught in the middle of. And after the moment we can look back and know we just experienced a rare moment…where words are unimportant and the feeling is everything.

Welcome to my blog.

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