Thank you…


Thank you for introducing yourself today
You stood like a buffer between
Sneers and sarcastic words
Spoken loudly enough to bruise the air
And strip me of reason and sense
The sense I should have as a mother,
The sense which slipped away from me
And was returned by you.
You were not the perpetrator
Yet I blamed you for your child’s words
Something you taught him, spoke about
amongst yourselves.
But I see in your face you are kind,
You might know how I feel.
I am no alien to pain
I feel it prick me every day
Once I would fend off barbs with false indifference
These days, I snarl and threaten to attack
Like a cornered wild thing
Fighting for my young
And dignity
Dragging them in – into my fight
My fight of years

Grown up, but still small
circling, vicious and fragile
All at once.
I am seven, I am forty seven
Grower weaker
with age
Weary from battle,
Surrender seems like sweet relief,
A good choice to ease the pain
Unrelenting and unceasing.

Peace is tempting me
to a place,
away from this..
And you standing before me
With your unpained face
Sympathetic, but unpained.
You have never walked my path,
My worn out path of flattened earth,
Pushed inward from constant beatings
Criss crossed, over and over,
Flattened and dry –
Lifeless, barren.
Without hope or new life
But thank you for introducing yourself to me.

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