Playing Games


You said I play games, that is true

I play games to cover up the vulnerable parts

I play games because I wish you knew me, and I you

And late night trysts don’t lend themselves to finding out

The things that make us who we are

The thousand thoughts, doubts and hopes

And I wish you knew how strong I am

And brave

If I were not to see you again

The tears I’d cry

Would make me stronger

So don’t feel you need

To pretend to care

Although of course

I wish you did

And even though

These words have been said before

In old movies, the world over

I fell in love with you

The moment I saw you

Wearing your suit

Carrying red roses

Your smile and voice

Sold me right there

And when you were sick

I felt my whole world

Would tumble in

To create a void

That could never be filled

And if you found yourself

Without youth or money

I would love you the same

Perhaps even more

So you’ll have to accept

That no matter how far

Your heart is from mine

There will always be me

In this world

Who will love you

Until I die


My one

True love

And that my darling

I’m afraid 

Is you

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