Navigating with God at the Helm

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Today I express gratitude for the wonderful ways God protects and guides me. All my life I have experienced God’s guidance in ‘strange’ twists and turns…..perhaps not ‘strange’ but rather more ‘Divine’. Divinely authorised by God. In the past I have unwittingly taken a turn or been presented with a situation which seemed challenging …even impossible, yet God has shown me the way of His Love by directing me …setting out signs for me to follow.
I have despaired about how many signs I have missed or not listened to. Then I realise that either way, if I take a wrong turn or miss a sign from God…like a GPS navigation system, God will put me back on the path I should be on. So I can be sure that even if I feel lost, God will direct me to where I should be. That has been the case all my life. I am grateful to God for always being there for me – always showing me the way, presenting me with the right people at the right time – the right thought at the right time.
Today, I can prove once more, that God will fill me with comfort when I need it most. My God….when I thought I was alone you made me see I was never alone. In fact, when I took the time to ‘be still and listen’ I realised I have always been filled with the resources and knowledge required to manage this mortal situation. A mortal unreality which has reduced to insignificance because I paused and became aware that God is right here with me, around me, and is offering up navigational dot points for me to follow with confidence. Thank you God for your comfort and I will be listening for your guidance and helpful comforting Love.

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