Opening our hearts to Love

pretty  flowersIt’s hard, living in this material world, not to be taken in by the horrors of war, homelessness, sickness and death. Big issues. Bigger than I can understand. I don’t watch the news that often, my daughter makes sure the TV is occupied morning and night with her programs. It’s just as well I don’t watch too much news of the world…news of the streets of Sydney. Too depressing.

I do read the Sydney Morning Herald. Generally when I’m eating breakfast or late into the night when I should have long been in bed. Once a cover story in the Herald had me doubting the existence of God. The story was so horrific, the man being interviewed told stories of horror and torture and the most unimaginable human cruelty inflicted by man upon his fellow man. The man who lived to tell the story reported at the height of his human suffering how he decided there really couldn’t be a God. Because if there was a God, he would never allow this to happen.
This shook me so much, I felt sick. I was haunted by passages I had read depicting atrocious crimes against humanity.

I’ve heard horror stories before but somehow these stories were made worse by the fact that they were happening right at the moment I was reading about them. I couldn’t comprehend how these things could happen in this modern society…how they are happening right under our noses. And our ‘modern’ society was allowing it to happen. Sydney was spending millions of dollars for a New Year’s Eve fireworks display. We were going out to buy paddle pops at the local petrol station. The kids were fighting over who had to do a tiny job around the house. And all the time we were eating our paddle pops, watching the fireworks or my daughter was sobbing in her bedroom because her brother didn’t help her with the washing up, someone in the world was being tortured beyond belief.
These things are too big to comprehend. I go about my business and I worry but I feel powerless to help. I know I should pray every day for our world. That we never know where our prayers go. Do they wonder out into the atmosphere and randomly bless someone in dire need of an answered prayer? As I say….too big for me. But taking a little time to pray for the world is something I can manage. I also like to thank God each night for all the things I’m grateful for. When it comes to blocking out worrying thoughts planted into my human brain by well meaning Doctors…well…that’s a challenge also.
I wandered around the shops today, looking for school shoes and school bag for my daughter who is starting high school later this week. We laughed and shopped, held hands and for the most part thoroughly enjoyed our day out together. My mind turned to my personal health concerns on more than one occasion. My challenge is to learn to stop my mind from going there. I need to devise a detour plan. Detour to a happier, safer, healthier place. I want to block those thoughts and prevent them from turning into dramatic scenarios played out on the stage within my mind. This stage has seen many a harrowing scene acted out.
One idea I heard was each time a worrying thought came to mind, imagine it is a weed and pull it right out. Visually see the roots being dragged up out of the fertile soil that is my imagination. I visualise that dirty old weed thought being thrown away and in my mind I replace that weed with a beautiful flower or a peaceful thought. It’s hard work being a gardener. It’s even harder work being the gatekeeper of the potentially overgrown weeds which threaten to infest my garden of peace.
I guess the trick is to realise God is helping us along the way. God knows what I need and knows I can wake up from the dream of sickness, of vulnerability…..of fear. God knows I am already perfect…not needing healing. I simply need to know the Truth. As Jesus Christ said…”And ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free”. God knows I am receptive to His ideas. I’ve learnt that God doesn’t leave it all to us, His angels are guiding us always. The most earth shattering healing inspirations can pop into our heads at the most unexpected times. I think we just have to be receptive and be listening. Even when you’re doing the most mundane of tasks.

I had this experience once. I was vacuuming the rug on the floor. Along came the thought that changed a little girl’s life. And her families. I will tell you about this soon. The little girl’s name is Lilly and the story I have to tell confirms her healing came from God…not me. All I had to do with it was have a willing heart to want to help. All her mother had to do was be receptive to a ‘new’ concept. Years after the healing occurred, the mother told me…”Something changed in me that day you spoke to us….I’d had a negative attitude …but my attitude changed that day”. Within four days the little girl was starting to improve and within two weeks she was perfect….divine…..healed.
All this reminds me that I can repeat the same procedure for myself. An open heart….a trust in God and take time to be still and listen.

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