Past, Present or Future?


Hitching a ride with Michael J Fox would be a fast forward into the future where we would be sure to find the cure for Parkinson’s disease. On the way we’d gather all the cures for the current world ills, yet we may discover something far greater than little vials of materiality. We may discover the world has moved past its dependency on manmade drugs and become reliant on spiritual healing.
In this case we could ditch our collected vials and return to the present with new age healing. But wait….hasn’t that already been done before? I’m sure that’s what Jesus did. He arrived to deliver messages of healing. He ran workshops on healing. He had a lot of followers. Maybe not on Twitter or Facebook….but hard core followers who stomped about in the hot desert, hanging on his every word. Back then Jesus had his fair share of trolls. He taught us to love them despite their hatefulness.
My dilemma is this. Should Michael, Doc and I travel to the uncertain future in the hope of finding the world has turned for the good and utilised Spirituality? Or do we head back a couple of thousand years and use our Satnav to locate Jesus?
It could be a bit of a queue waiting for an appointment to see Jesus. Specialists can be booked for months.  Would we need a referral?
What would Doc make of Jesus? Doc was a scientist wasn’t he? Bogged down in materiality. He could be difficult to convince when Jesus restores sight to the blind, turn’s water into wine and raises the dead. He could be a heckler in the crowd….a real scientific know it all. We could get thrown out before it’s our turn and miss a picnic of bread and fish.
Maybe we could convince Jesus to jump in the hotted up car and come for a hoon into the new millennium. What would he make of the state of the world today? Hopefully he could restore hair to Donald Trump’s head or at least restore it to a more natural looking colour. Maybe he’ll entice the entire army of ISIS fighters down to the beach for a swim, part the waves and….well you know the story.
We might not need to waste so much petrol travelling endless kilometers or light years through time. We could choose to stay where we are and look for healing right here in 2016. Didn’t Jesus tell us the Kingdom of Heaven is within us? And John told us “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.
Maybe Michael and Doc can go ahead without me. My place is in the  here and now with my family. If we live in Gods eternal harmony then I’ve got nothing to worry about.

10 thoughts on “Past, Present or Future?

  1. I love your conclusion. I with you to go back and have an appointment with Jesus. To trust in Him mean to not worry about our welfare. It is hard though and I do often wish on magic like time travel to see that everything is going to be alright.

    1. I think it is hard to let go and trust. That’s why I should be reading good positive things EVERY day…and if I can’t do that then at least spend five minutes a day being still and listening. ..because the guidance is always there. X

  2. I’m with Kenya – love your ending! And I’m also with her on finding it hard to resist the idea of traveling to the future to see that everything’s okay. I wonder what Jesus would think about the world today…

    1. He’d see it as perfect. I think that’s how he healed. He didn’t see what we see, so that’s the challenge…to see things and others in their perfection.

  3. You know in all of the answerings of these questions, I’ve never thought about meeting Jesus. That’s something to think about. I think he would be accepting but I also think I wouldn’t be worthy.

    I’m happy with the here and now because this is the only place I can have a real impact.

    1. Jesus accepted of course you are worthy. God only sees you as perfect…we just have to learn to see ourselves as perfect x

  4. You don’t have to travel back in time to have an appointment with Jesus. He’s available 24/7 without a referral. In fact, He is your referral. All you gotta do is pray. 🙂

    It’s true though that thing you said about spiritual healing. I believe all our illnesses, especially mental health, are some physical manifestation of issues with our souls and spirits. God’s love is the only thing that can mend a broken soul.

    1. That’s so true Michelle. I like to believe we have been made in the perfect image of God and we only have to see ourselves as God sees us and throw away the belief in
      sickness. Easier said than done sometimes but with prayer it’s acheivable. Thanks for reading the post!

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