Daily Prompt – Refresh

Handstands on sand
Splashing up water20160228_170725
Stranger to the beach
She runs amok
An exuberant puppy
Joyfully lolloping about
Calling out ‘Mum…watch me
Watch me’…
Let’s make a castle
Come for a swim
She tugs at my arm
I reluctantly rise
Impossible to resist
Her infectious smile
The water is clear
Pleasantly warm
Giggling and splashing
Gliding like sharks20160228_170553-1
Little blonde mermaid
At one with the sea
So long ago since
I was a child
Pretending to be
A dog…or a horse
Galloping about
Shaking my mane
Crawling across sand
Oblivious to others
Immersed in my worldhorse running on beach
Of waves and hooves
And horses tails.
I touch my skin
On the drive home
Salty and smooth
Hair dripping down my back
Sand between toes
Reminds me of holidays
Of years long past
And she has shown me
Something so simple…
Her capacity for life
Has refreshed me
And reminded me of
Who I used to be.little girl at beach

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