Finish the Sentence Friday

images 3 women typing

Hi to all the Finish the Sentence Friday bloggers out there…this week the sentence prompt is ‘The things I saw this morning…’ I can’t wait to find out the things you have seen or will see in the  morning hours between now and the deadline Sunday! For those of us with kids, mornings can be truly frightening, if you’re like me and not usually a morning person, mornings are filled with rush and panic. Either way, we all experience our world through a different lens which makes sharing our lives so interesting. I love this group of talented writers…I always look forward to discovering the magic each of you have spun into your stories each week. Thank you as always to Kristi for hosting such a wonderful group.

2 thoughts on “Finish the Sentence Friday

  1. I loved that prompt – it made me try a 55er after eons. As for school-day mornings .. well show me one house with kids where mornings aren’t chaotic. My kids aren’t too bad at waking up early but somehow we are always struggling to make the deadline to the bus stop! Sigh!

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