Daily Prompt – Colourful


What does it mean to have a colourful life?
Is it traveling the world, chasing bright lights
Corporate high flyers playing casino high stakes
Twenty years in prison for punching a mate
Celebrity status and movie star looks
Anorexic models strutting catwalks
Politicians in government making decisions
Delivering speeches with practiced precision.
Does fame and fortune make a colourful life
Or can it apply to a mother and wife
Is it the farmer labouring hard on the soil
The young child soldier knowing only turmoil
A surgeon saving lives with crimsons and whites
An artist splashing colours on canvas at night
Can an ordinary person lead a colourful life
Untraveled, uneducated, in financial strife
Should they give up and linger in sepia and greys
No injection of colour to brighten their days
Do they rise up and say “I’ve a colour to share”
Colours of kindness, compassion and care
Vibrant shades of humanity, combined full of love
Ribbons of colour, flowing each to another
Brightening dull hearts in a rainbow of colour
Creating colourful lives for sister and brother.

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Colourful

    1. Ha ha..I must say I struggled on this one…nearly didn’t post but was determined to meet the deadline!

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