Daily Prompt – Handwriting


During the sixties and seventies left handed kids were treated like lepers. We were divided into rows….red, blue and yellow. The red kids were encouraged to feel superior to the others.

My handwriting used to be massive. I used to write in my composition book about our visits to……20160403_204238I used to set up one of those portable dinner trays that were so popular for TV dinners in the 60’s. I sat on my bed at my makeshift desk and practice writing with my left hand….writing backwards….upside down…I enjoyed exerting mental control over the muscles that controlled the pen in my hand.
As a teen I wrote pages and pages of what I did on a day to day basis. Evidently…not much.



When the devilishly handsome Mr Graham swept into my rampant English class and swirled his loopy name across the green blackboard, I sat up and paid attention. I sat on my bed surrounded by pot plants in macramé baskets, assorted shades of Revlon nail polishes, with Simon and Garfunkel playing ….Are you going to Scarborough Fair… and practice forming the romantic loops of his handwriting. His handwriting became mine..20160403_202353..replicated down to the tiniest detail.

During my busy early twenties I still found time to record details of places I went to, clothes I wore and up to date progress reports on the status of my relationships. But most importantly…my feelings. Only one boyfriend warranted the tireless recording of entire dialogue exchanges, so much so, I often had to staple extra pages added onto the bottom of my diary and carefully fold them up.


When my children started school my handwriting regressed to forming clearly formed and spaced out letters. I would write notes on their paper lunch bags so a little part of Mummy was with them at lunch time.


I sat on the floor in Mums room. Piles of knitting books dating back to the sixties to the present day, lay on the floor. I couldn’t decide which ones to get rid of. Every one I opened up had tiny references written in Mums handwriting. The beautiful smocking magazines had bookmarked pages with my daughters name. She made that gorgeous dress….she was intending to make this one.

Looking through her bedside drawer I found notebooks with Chinese takeaway orders.


Amongst the thousands of balls of baby wool, I found the little paper wrappers that secure the individual balls. On them, Mum had recorded the kids measurements for an upcoming hand knitted jumper…


Chest 64cm

Length 36 cm

Sleeve 42 cm

I am sentimental. I can’t throw these little pieces of Mum out.  I can’t throw out the kids art, letters and cards they’ve given me. I still have my old diaries. I treasure the love letters Dad wrote to Mum when they were courting. Now computers are the norm, what will become of those treasured handwritten messages. Will everything remain in our email inboxes…..forgotten within the metal confines of a hard drive or abbreviated to the maximum in text messages on our phones. LOL…..LMAO…..OMG….WTF…; )




















27 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Handwriting

  1. Why…oh why does WordPress not allow you to change fonts in the middle of a post? Any answers anyone? I was driven to distraction trying to convey the feeling of handwritten notes….this was the best I could do.

      1. Thank you I will take a look. Although strangely I cut and paste an old piece of writing for this weeks writing challenge on Memory. At the time I fiddled around with making the text disjointed and fragmented like my memories….so oddly the text stayed in the format I wanted rather than stubbornly slotting into the wordpress standard format.

      1. No…my name is Lea. I was under the impression we had to use a ‘pen’ name but all is disclosed when you go to leave a comment on someone’s blog and some insist on you leaving your personal details…surname and all. How rude! Truly…it conjures up images of Truly Scrumptious in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang but I’m sure you’ve lost count of how many times that’s been said to you! I, like you love Seinfeld, God and am optimistic ( probably through my trust in God and the sense I’m being guided).

      2. People should have the right to anonymity if they prefer….there shouldn’t be any demands, as far as I’m concerned….I actually love the movie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, so no worries…it is an obvious connection 🙂 And, I am so surprised by how many people I end up connecting with who love God…not that that is a prerequisite for connection…there are many wonderful people that I am “meeting” and they are equally appreciated…speaking of which, I am really privileged to have connected with you 🙂

      3. Many people I connect with and love don’t have any faith in God. I’m not a perfect example of a Church going christian but I have an unwavering belief I am being guided and cared for. There have been too many moments of inspiration for me to disbelieve in a higher power or source of intelligence. I’ve come to rely on that inspiration…pity I don’t listen for it more regularly! I love the intelligence in your writing and the way you can pick thoughts apart. Very clever and uniquely entertaining.

      4. You exemplify generosity of spirit and a gift for inspiring and encouraging others…I really admire that so much…it makes you really easy to connect with…your lack of judgement is so refreshing and needed. And, your writing is so engaging….you have a great deal of talent…also, your children are very lucky to have a mother who is sensitive and attuned to the many ways that people are different but amazing. Also, if I could, I would like to urge you to heed inspiration–you can do wonderful things with it, and so many will benefit as a result…you are very engaging and you can have great influence 🙂 Lastly, your generous praise is really flattering and encouraging…so sweet of you to say…thank you so much! 🙂

      5. Awww..you’re a sweetie…look at our comments…people might start to believe we’re really popular!! Another blogger I love to read is La Tour Abolie. I tried to get the link for you but I’m technologically challenged! Try and track her down, I think you’ll like her style.

      6. Thanks, I will figure it out…I am a total technophobe…technologically challenged doesn’t begin to cover it…but, I bet if I Google, I will find the link. When next we chat, we can discuss 🙂 Take care, Lea…you are as lovely as your name 🙂

    1. Were you forced to write with your right hand? There was so much ignorance about individual learning styles…I bet those poor kids on yellow block were a mix of highly intelligent people but maybe dyslexic. ..ADHD…or shock of shocks..left handed!

      1. I don’t remember that happening at school, but I remember my mom trying to get me to use my right hand when I was little (especially at meal time). How horrible that there were different classifications of kids in your school…wow, the arrogance of majority rule/conformity is so restrictive and misguided…

      2. It’s still happening. I have an exceptionally gifted child who can’t switch himself on to mundane work but would fly in a university environment. So hard to convince the school to think about accelerating because his current marks ‘ don’t warrant acceleration’. And I have a daughter who is incredibly talented with creative arts but struggles painfully with maths and english/spelling. If only education wasn’t one size fits all. You sound like you were the gifted child who escaped into books?

      3. That is so unfortunate! Thankfully, you are aware of their giftedness and can encourage them, and mitigate damage to their self-esteem. But, I imagine that you find it painful to know that they are not celebrated for their uniqueness is devalued. When I was younger, I was so sensitive that it resulted in me being withdrawn…it made me different because I couldn’t help but wear my heart on my sleeve…so, I retreated to the safety of books…no social pressure….they fit my worldview…in time, I learned how to be sensitive and have good social skills simultaneously…but, for the longest time, I overdid it with the people pleasing aspect of social skill…How about you? Did you find school an easy path?

  2. No, I always felt different but managed to blend in mostly. In my life I’ve always felt like an observer..taking everything I see and hear into my spongey little memory. I absorbed other peoples hurt, arrogance etc. Having that trait made me sensitive and prone to anxiety. The only time I felt switched on was when I was writing so I see writing as a therapy and enjoyable hobby. Would love to write for a living! I dropped out of school at fifteen which is regrettable since I could have done better. So many wrong things got in the way of what should have been a positive educational experience…nobody gave much encouragement in those days..that’s why I look out for my kids these days and make sure their potential is not snuffed out by one size fits all education.

  3. You are proof that highly-intelligent people are not so, exclusively, by virtue of higher education…you are very bright and also wise….I would love to write for a living as well 🙂 And, another thing we have in common, being an empath sets so many up for anxiety, because we don’t have a protective filter to shield us for all the emotions we absorb and feel so deeply. If we are lucky, we discover that we are not defective, and find ways to embrace protective boundaries…but, it can be such a long and painful journey when you have to figure this out on your own. Anxiety and depression are part of the package…thankfully, our optimism is a protective factor that helps us to keep looking for evidence of the good that, eventually, leads us to like-minded souls…that’s where we find support. Thank you for being so open….it’s comforting…you are a blessing. Lastly, I watch Joel Osteen on tv on Sundays…I don’t attend church, physically. And, I’ve read every one of his books…at least once. He is so encouraging and focuses on God’s love…nothing punitive….no fire and brimstone and holier-than-thou approach. That has made a huge difference in my life…anyway, sorry for going on and on….thanks for being you 🙂

    1. I will look out for him. I was taken to a Christian Science church when I was little , which I loved. We stopped going ..as you do …and I didn’t get back to it until a friend of mine was desperately sick so I asked my Dad for some CS mags on healing. Then I started going to Church with Dad to keep him company. When I had my children I took them along to the nursery and the Sunday school while I destressed in Church…see my blog Paradox…..I’m not always an angel! One thing I’ve loved about CS is it is all about Gods absolute love for His children and that we were made perfect and remain eternally so. It has helped us through so many worrying times sitting in emergency wards at hospitals. …comforting to think there is another option for healing above and beyond medical science… ( Which is ok for us less advanced healers!). I have a lot to overcome but I have noticed I’ve been letting go of fear lately. I used to be so claustrophobic but it’s slowly dropping away and I’m stepping into lifts with a sense of ‘ It will be ok…I’ll cope…even if it gets stuck!’

      1. You are so delightful…I just read paradox and it made me smile a huge smile….you are preachin’ to the choir…I am very human as well…a work in progress 🙂 Lastly, I Googled but couldn’t find the blog you suggested…but, I will see if my husband can sort something out tomorrow. Time for me to wind down and get to sleep…..work tomorrow. Thank you for a really enjoyable time…it’s been a privilege!

      2. I looked it up and it dit come up but in the meantime I’ll try to find a different way. Lovely to meet you Truly. Try Rosiebooks2009

  4. Your post reminds me of two things. One is my own handwritimg in my teenage diaries and the silliness that was important to me at the time. I’m thankfull for that silliness now as my memory has become bad over the years and I can open the diaries and remember those times with their fashions and my crushes then. (I also had a crush on a teacher. Well, if truth be told, not just one teacher, but then this was in college, not school.) The other thing is the letters I have that had belonged to my mum. When she died, my dad was still alive and I knew there were some letters (which she’d shown me) that he’d want to destroy, so I photocopied them before he had a chance, and they were some that he’d sent her soon after they were married. These days I worry about what will happen to all my loved possessions, like those letters -and my family photos – after I’m gone as I don’t have children and my only sibling is much older than me.

    1. You sound so much like me! Do you have nieces and nephews you are reasonably close to?
      Maybe you could put some photos together with your lovely pieces of writing and have it made into a book. Actually I bought a gorgeous journal for THAT MAN but in the end I decided to give him a little book I had made at the local printer. It was my Kryptonite story which I edited/ spiced up a tad for his ego. The printer did a fabulous job and charged very little for his effort. But the journal I originally bought for him attracted my attention with its beautiful vintage linen type of cover which had a photo of a man and his old caravan back in the 50’s or 60’s. The paper inside was lovely textured quality. Maybe you could utilise your craft skills and make something similar using your old photographs. People love photos of anything from 80’s back. There’s also quilting. …something I would love to have time and skill for. You can put photos onto the fabrics. I’m sure someone would appreciate your treasures…it is an era to be cherished I think.
      Did your college teacher know you had a crush? I’ll never forget my teacher drawing a little house on the top of one of my essays ..with two kisses on the roof!!! That had my imagination going off in all directions. ..he was probably absent mindedly doodling while marking! There was another English teacher from that era who had a full blown affair with a student…I think they ended up living together.
      By the way the birds of your area have such a lovely gentle sound ….very much the way I imagined the English countryside to sound. Quite
      unlike the noisy prehistoric sounds of Oz!

      1. Alas, no. I have nephews and nieces but they are on my husband’s side of the family and they never knew my mother (she passed almost 30 years ago). There’s really nobody on mum’s side of the family to pass these on to. I’m not really into quilting and I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to make things with the photos as I can’t stand cutting or altering the originals. I did do my family tree some while back and have passed copies of it, with scanned and printed copies of some of the photos, on to remaining relatives who are into genealogy, but most of them are older than me and I’m already in my mid-sixties! I don’t know about stories, but what I might do is try to write what I remember next to specific photos and then if, when I’m gone, they get ‘out there’ into the big wide world, at least they won’t be entirely anonymous. But it’s a bit ‘if’. I hate the way photo collections get split up… I recently bought 400 plus photos of a family i don’t know (from ebay, I think it was) in the hope that I can trace the original family and reunite them with their photos. A friend of mine says she’ll help me with that.

        I doubt my teacher knew I had a crush, but then, who knows? Maybe he guessed!

      2. I’m sure those precious photos will find a perfect home….what about the local council for the photos with scenic interest?

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