Playing to Win

Mans extremity is Gods opportunity…


shakespeare  quote

Do we ever really grow out of wanting to win? I thought I was long past caring about winning games with the kids. I’ve become used to them saying …”Awww ….Mummy….you’re so cute and old…..we love you so much.” Whilst they meant they loved me, no matter how many balls went flying past me or how many games of Memory they completely demolished me with, I still felt a little miffed. Proud to see my kids confidently winning, yet still….a little miffed. They had piles of matched cards tucked away beside them on the floor and I had…..well I had  very few.
Admittedly my mind goes out on ‘planning and contemplative’ missions…frequently. I mull conversations over in my head, I think about how many things I should be doing….in general, my brain is often everywhere else but on the game I’m playing.
Tonight I played ‘TROUBLE’ with my daughter. My…

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