A Poem for Lost Words

unpicked handsewn letters

I write for invisible people

Whom I may never meet

They catch my  threaded words

Floating across their screens

Strangers take the time

When people I know don’t see or hear

My written or audible words

Or if they do the sounds bounce off them

And evaporate…with no comprehension

Because words are words

If you have too many words nobody listens

If I capture the words on paper

Maybe I will read them

Not many others will

Which amounts to a nothing life
Of unheard words

And a pile of written words which

Will disappear with one delete

Or return to the earth as recycled paper

I imagine one day the text I’ve written

Lifting itself off the paper

Rising….floppy and unstructured

Like music notes without a staff

And drift into the atmosphere

All the Ands and the Ifs and the countless Loves

Disbanded and meaningless on their own




Little souls drifting away


15 thoughts on “A Poem for Lost Words

  1. This is amazing! it reminded me of how long I’ve written without sharing my writing, they are treasures and so many people delight in them that i feel i could go on writing even if i was writing for them only, and like your poem says, i have not even met most of them! this poem is what is happening for most of us!

  2. I love what you did with this! And like many of the others here, I am struck by the image of words floating away in the wind. How true it is that we keep so much of our writing to ourselves, never to be seen by anyone?

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