Unexpected Days


On a day of unexpected news, I saw an eagle overhead

Gliding low enough to catch my eye… I stood and watched in awe

At its wing span and its grace… an alien in protected airspace

Smaller birds outraged as they squawked and flapped about

Still the eagle remained master, soaring gracefully alone….oblivious to the fuss

Drifting motionless on Autumn winds unseen to human eye

Yet sensed intuitively by this predator of the sky

I wished I could be the eagle soaring above earths crazy chatter

Set free to drift across the sky, wheeling left, right, back to centre

No part of time and space or burdens, in this liberated state

To be still amid the panic and glimpse the truth more clearly

I’d watch myself far below and see my father take my hand

A gesture full of healing love…to hold my Daddy’s hand

The hand that’s protected and guided me through all life’s up and downs

Yet here we were again today, walking silently side by side

And the love that flowed from his hand to mine

Made my heart take flighteagle soaring

No longer did I feel afraid, protected by my guides

The eagle high above me

And my father by my side.




7 thoughts on “Unexpected Days

      1. its not specific but most of what i’ve seen around is quotes from other people and you respond to them by a few lines to make it creative but you can do otherwise and you can even include your own quotes! xxx

    1. Thank you Deirdre. I’ve been flat out helping my darling elderly Uncle..my Mum’s last remaining brother. He has been very sick in hospital but has come good again. At first the doctors thought he was in kidney failure and now his kidneys have started working again! The kids and I stayed in a hotel close to the hospital which was a touch of luxury within the days spent in the hospital! I haven’t had time to write or read any of the beautiful posts of the people I follow -including you! I should have a quiet day tomorrow so I look forward to catching up. Hope all is well with you and your family.

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