Hymn of Gratitude

grateful child

This is me….this is how I felt….skipping across water

This is me…….childlike and carefree

I didn’t need the doctor to tell me I’m free

Because I chose to be free when I trusted in God

To keep me in his embrace

And with each challenge I faced

I turned inward to my God

And clung to the Truth

That there is nothing that can harm

God’s perfect child

And He was right.

This hymn came to mind

So I sang it alone….in my hospital room

Where I took the time to be thankful

With overflowing gratitude.

I share with you my hymn…

We thank Thee and we bless Thee,

O Father of us all,

That even before we ask Thee

Thou hear’st Thy children’s call.

We praise Thee for Thy goodness

And tender, constant care,

We thank Thee, Father- Mother,

That Thou hast heard our prayer.


We thank Thee and we bless Thee,

O Lord of all above,

That now Thy children know Thee

As everlasting Love.

And Love is not the author

Of discord, pain and fear;

O Love divine, we thank Thee

That good alone is here.


We thank Thee, Father- Mother,

For blessings, light and grace

Which bid mankind to waken

And see Thee face to face.

We thank Thee, when in anguish

We turn from sense to Soul,

That we may hear Thee calling:

Rejoice, for thou art whole.

Hymns of Gratitude and Praise

From the Christian Science Hymnal

Hymn 374

John Randall Dunn


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