Sleepless Lovers


Streaky hues of orange and pink push through the smoky silver dawn,
eager to exercise their daily rite of passage…growing paler every moment as the dominant fireball widens it’s sizzling horizontal reach and golden lasers pierce through tiny gaps as she lies awake with eyes pressed shut trying to win the race to sleep…before it’s too late and the day has begun…but she’s not ready, too wound up for sleep…too elated to stop smiling about the wickedness of a night passing without rest, curled up wasted on her bed of musky sheets strewn about with the scent of love and pheromones which can’t be dampened by distance or time….held captive within a bubble of pleasure which should belong to her younger self but instead transports both lovers to a youthful state of intense desire and exquisite intimacy reserved for select few….lovers whose unexplained connections are written about in plays and poems andimages¬†shakespearean tales… many have read and wondered what this erotic spell could be..but those who lack the gift of passion will never understand how two souls can ignite by nothing more than a look, a breath…a turn of phrase and suddenly their evening becomes the morn and lovers struggle as if drunken through a blurry haze of daily routines…routines greedily forgotten the night before… when time and everything else did not matter but their words and thoughts harmonised and connected despite all logic …..for what lovers use logic when love and lust abound?


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