When it’s too late…


Late at night… when the cat thinks his tail is a snake

I wonder why I’m still awake….and yawn

Slumped over the computer….

haunting myself with photos of children

Babies….toddler’s….starting school

Where did the time go?

When did I become what I am today?

An old crow, squawking and flapping about

They looked so small, yet I yelled loudly….even then.

How to make time to lie about?

Play with dolls houses…..and paint…..

and shout….yes  shout….not in anger

But happiness.

Jump over grass with bare feet….unhurried

Roll on the bed, laughing and tickling

Flopping…..to read a story in silly voices…

How to stop shouting and rushing about?

I’m a ruffled old crow

Rushing to and fro

Making ends meet

Giving all I can…

Yet… forgetting

To soak it up and enjoy life

For all its messiness …

And lateness….

Who will care

When I can’t buy back the time

I spent crowing and whining

And not seeing…

What needed to be seen.
19th September 2011

3 thoughts on “When it’s too late…

  1. You’ve beautifully conveyed your sensitivity and mindfulness (as relates to the need to be mindful)…this is relatable given that anyone, regardless of whether or not they have children, can draw parallels, for–as the quote goes–“Time waits for no(one)….moments are as fleeting as they are precious…thanks for sharing 🙂

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