The strength on which I can depend…

images-39Each time I’ve faced a crisis or even for the smallest of problems, I’ve found comfort and strength in turning to God. Even when times are especially good, I always find time to express my gratitude to our God. We may not see ‘God’, but for those who have leant on Him at any point in their lives, I’m sure they have found comfort.

I’m no angel and God knows me better than I know myself, but I know God forgives me and I know God understands I am growing in grace and understanding.  At the heart of me is good because I have been made all good by my Maker.

I picked up my copy of Science and Health tonight and inside it are an array of loose pieces of paper. On those papers are my fathers handwritten notes…hymns, quotes from Science and Health, some are his own spiritual thoughts. I found a reference to this hymn number 148 in the Christian Science Hymnal….

‘In heavenly love abiding, no change my heart shall fear’

The music to that hymn came to me immediately so I googled it from my hospital bed and listened to it. Such a beautiful old fashioned hymn, lovely tune and comforting words. A sense of comfort washed over me when I was reminded there is no reason to fear because heavenly love is abiding…always…for all of us.

Take some time to read the words and listen to the music. I’m sure you will feel the comfort that I did. The music and lyrics can be found by searching Christian Science Hymns…Plainfield Church ..Hymn no 148.


3 thoughts on “The strength on which I can depend…

    1. Thanks Truly! It’s been such a long time since I’ve blogged regularly but we’ve just moved and last year I had seven operations….I’m in for my eighth now! All good….I will catch up with you very soon. Trust all is well with you xxx

      1. Oh, my gosh…I am praying for you….it’s a testament to you that, as I scrolled through my reader, I saw your name and clicked on you right away….you are memorable, special, and appreciated….yes, things are good…coming out of a bit of a dip (thankfully)….growth and all that 🙂 Take care and we’ll catch up when you are able 🙂

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