01-08-16-hopeI’ve always loved to write. When I was fourteen my diaries were full of the daily sightings of my English teacher who was the first of my many crushes. He swept into the classroom and swirled his romantic loopy handwriting across the blackboard and I was hooked. He rescued me out of the lowest English class, which I hadn’t noticed or cared I was in, and into what I classified as the ‘brainy’ class. There I sat in fear and trepidation of being noticed, or worse,  being asked to read aloud. But inside, my heart was bursting with an unfamiliar feeling of excitement and pride. He had given me hope and a glimpse of who I really was, despite an otherwise dismal high school experience. Years later my community writing teacher expressed a similar sentiment and I drove home with that same excited feeling bubbling up inside of me.

  Life has thrown me some pretty daunting challenges and I’ve often wondered why. Why did I miss out on the so called ‘good’ things, the common milestones most people experience. School formals, travel, the white wedding…. Why so many challenges and wrong choices? Then I realised, I’ve been blessed with many other things. My beautiful children for example. God gave me charge of these precious little people for good reason….to help guide them on the right path.  Like the intricate veins you see in a leaf held up to the light, many different paths appearing to branch out randomly. All valuable in their own right and  inevitably working to reach their full potential.

That’s why life has taken me on so many ‘sub’ journeys. I’ve stumbled from one challenge to the next. Wondered why I was always the one to carry the burdens. Yet whilst those journeys were often tinged with sadness they always led me to hope and that hope led me to understanding. Now I know why hope is necessary. We need HOPE to encourage us along the stream of life, to ride the wild rapids and push us off the edges of the great unknown when we feel scared and alone. Eventually, if we’ve hung onto that beautiful, strong, lifesaving  HOPE, we’ll have arrived at UNDERSTANDING. And that’s when we know we’ve been on the right path all along. I HOPE you will join me on my journey….leaf

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  1. Your perspective is a great one, and a topic I’ve explored a lot lately myself. Rather than bemoaning the things we think we missed out on, we need to always recognize that the alternate paths may just be the best ones for us. I really enjoyed your perspective on this.

    1. Thanks Lisa, So many people say they can’t believe how strong I am and I’m grateful I’m not a depressive type. Maybe it comes from not getting things too easily from the start and so I’m expectant of challenges. Some people whose lives have been easier may have more trouble rising to challenges. I don’t think I was always this way…I think it was a case of growing stronger with each challenge. I also didn’t come through things without anxiety which crippled me for some time until I developed the strength to overcome it. I do have faith that I’m God’s child who is guided by His inspiring ideas.
      Thanks for your encouragement!

  2. Greetings from Sydney 😊😉

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. I felt inspired and refreshed in a way. Its good to see how you treat your experiences as something that makes you stronger (if I make sense lol?). I’d love to read more from you so thought I would follow

  3. You know, sometimes I wonder why I’ve been given the challenges that I have as well. Why couldn’t I have a baby until I was older? Well, maybe that’s the age I needed to be to have the exact boy that I have, you know? Sounds like we share similar perspectives on things like this. I really appreciate your post and how in hindsight, you realize that you’ve been on the right path all along.

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